Oskar self-supporting fume extraction arms are the most versatile, durable and economical method of at-source air pollution capture. Smooth steel tubes, flexible hoses and external joints make Oskar arms easy to work with and keep it in position for required time. Oskar fume arms are available in diameters of 75, 100, 125, 160 and 200 mm. Oskar fume arm unique design has become an industrial standard in air pollution control business.

Oskar Fume Arm Features

  • industrial strength and durability
  • versatile design
  • smooth tube construction
  • external supports and self-locking joints
  • all-around hood and tube grab handles
  • air diverter in the hood
  • standard damper

Oskar Fume Arm Benefits

  • exceptionally long operational life time
  • user friendly construction
  • better airflow at lower static pressure
  • low noise performance
  • easy to adjust and maintain
  • simple and stable positioning
  • increased capture velocity

Oskar external joints concept versus hose arm internal support mechanism

fume extraction arm Oskar - airflow
Internal support hose arm - airflow

Oskar self-supporting fume extraction arm

  • external joints system
  • free and smooth airflow
  • low noise level
  • lower static pressure
  • quick and simple cleaning
  • minimal dust build up
  • no contact with interior for adjustment
  • no need to stop the airflow to adjust

Internal support hose arm

  • internal support mechanism
  • reduced airflow due to higher internal resisntance
  • higher noise level
  • complicated to to clean
  • dust builds up on internal mechanisms
  • replace whole hose if broken
  • contact with dusts to adjust friction and arm balance
external joints and supports
grab handle all around the hood
standard air flow damper
air velocity diverter