Mobile filters - replaceable cassette or self-cleaning cartridge solutions

Oskar Air Products offers mobile cassette and cartridge filters for welding, grinding, cutting. Our mobile filters are used mainly in heavy industry for smoke, fume and dry dust applications. Our mobile filters are available with or without self-supporting fume arm for at-source point extraction.

  • Boxair Basic
    Boxair Basic
    Mobile cassette filter unit one work place for sporadic welding work.
  • Boxair Mobile One
    Boxair Mobile One
    Boxair M1 – mobile cassette filter unit one work place for less demanding applications.
  • Boxair Mobile Two
    Boxair Mobile Two
    Mobile cassette filter  for two workplaces or inlet connections. Recommended for less demanding applications.
  • Crawlair Mobile Filter
    Crawlair Mobile Filter
    Versatile construction. Practical top of the filter. Two inlet connections. Self-cleaning cartridge filters.
  • Crawlair Overhead Filter
    Crawlair Overhead Filter
    Designed for Oskar 160 hanging arms or top of exhaust enclosures. Self-cleaning cartridge filters.
  • Rollout Mobile Filter
    Rollout Mobile Filter
    Mobile self-cleaning cartridge filter unit for one arm.
  • Giant 2 Mobile filter
    Giant 2 Mobile filter
    Highly efficient mobile with cartridge self-cleaning system, for for two 160 mm diameter or on 200 mm arms.